Kurt, First of all I want to say thank you for making the purchase of my new blinds such a great experience. 1. You were prompt in coming out for the consultation and I did my best to keep it to one hour, but since we managed to find so much to talk about, we went a little over. Sorry! 2. You said the blinds should be in by June 5th and they arrived May 28th. What a great surprise! 3. You thought you might be able to have the blinds installed between June 6-9th and they were installed June 4th. Awesome! 4. Kurt was very professional, courteous and answered all my questions. 6. Best of all – I love the color of the blinds and they look fantastic…. Thank you for a great customer service experience. I wish you much success with your business. I will keep you posted on my new venture – wherever it takes me.